CPD Accredited L2 course: Certificate in Developing Autism Friendly Classrooms

This qualification aims to develop learners’ understanding of autism to create inclusive classrooms over 6 units:

  • Understanding Autism and The Central Nervous System; The Pyramid of Learning
  • Demystifying The Hidden Curriculum; The Knowledge Curriculum
  • The Way We Talk – Conversational Discourse and Miscue
  • Using Oral Language Modification for conceptual thinking
  • Analysing Rules, Rewards and Sanctions for Success
  • Creating Routine by Design: Visual Planners, Mind-Mapping, Memory Splashes

Useful for individuals who provide direct support in sectors such as:

  • Health and Social Care
  • All-Years Education, Training and Support

There are no recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. All units are mandatory and must be successfully completed to achieve the Level 2 Certificate in Developing Autism Friendly Classrooms. Contact us for further information  


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