Online training available 

Beginners’ workshop: Learn to develop a range of communication aids and be able to evaluate how useful they are along with Communication audits to expand the methodology behind effective alternative and augmentative communication programmes. Learn over 300 signs, symbols and concepts to enhance the communication process; Songs, stories and personalised sign/symbol/word lists can be prepared before the training workshops if requested.

Intermediate workshop: Explore learning Stages 5 and 6 of the Makaton Key Vocabulary, building to conversational competence for key word signing in spoken discourse or text level reading with symbols and speech.

Advanced 3-day training course: Develop sentence and conversational/text level key word speech with sign and symbol communication across a range of modes: spoken, written , explanation, description, narration and interactive functions. Stages 7 and 8 improve abstract idea reception and expression for confident and higher competence in pronoun reference, for key word cohesion and sentence coherence for summarising, evaluation and analysing levels of understanding.

 To express interest in any of these courses, please contact us via the contact page or email

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